Why TempleNet?

So what is with the name TempleNet?

I wish there were an incredible story behind this, but there is not. The name is derived from the street we live on, “Temple” and I am writing about my network setup, network projects, etc. It is what is cool to me right now … might have to change it up later?

The domain name?

That was just us coming up with a name for our WiFi SSID. We wanted to include the name Temple for our street, did not want to have our names, but then thought of “the Knights Templar” and thought it sounded tough. Not that cool, but pretty fun. Plus, the domain name templeknights.download¬†was super cheap.

The Why?

I currently work as a Solutions Engineer at a Tier 1 Telecommunications provider. With all of the new technologies that have hit the industry from IoT, SDWAN, Edge Compute, CDN, DDOS Services, and CoVID-19 strategies to allow workers to work from home: Client VPNs, Network Security, and Mobile Applications, I needed a deep dive to understand these new services. So, what did I do? I built my lab.

In my home, I decided to use single-board computers (like RaspberryPi’s) to replicate, the best I could, some of the new platforms and technologies in play. Edge products like Bare Metal Storage, Dedicated Cloud Compute (using VMWARE), a cloud-hosted VoIP system with analog adapters, and VoIP phones (using SIP Trunking from a reasonable provider) make calling almost free!) and also Kali Linux offensive security server to practice penetration testing. I built my internal LAN and external WAN environment (via SDWAN).

This process has allowed me to not only learn about these technologies and services but has kept me relevant in my field. Plus, it’s kind of fun doing this stuff too! So now, to help me remember the processes, bumps, challenges, and solutions, I want to write about them in almost how-to and documentary fashion to see if it can help others in their journey.

I will write about other stuff, but this was the catalyst for starting the blog.

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