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I finished an arcade build with my son about a year ago. For the build, You can read about that here; I wanted to use a RetroPi image that would give me all quality and working games. I did not want a bunch of games that did not work, which is what you will get with pre-compiled images. 

The image I used was Rick Dangerous’ Pure Edition 2021. Since then, I have had the privilege to assist in testing systems on his image as Rick was passionate about upgrading his image to his final, final, last… and well, almost final edition. In other words … a couple more images came out. However, I think he has finally completed his masterpiece, and rumor has gotten out.

This week I have received about 30 direct messages asking if I have Rick’s latest image. I Do! You can have it too! It is currently being uploaded to Arcade Punks and will be available in about a week or two. It will be available via torrent and NZB. Note, though, that this image is HUGE! You will need a 1Tb HD and patience to download if you have a slow internet connection. 

***UPDATE*** Image available NOW on Arcade Punks!***

So, to get the image:

  1. Prepare a 1TB hard drive
  2. Go to https://www.arcadepunks.com/download-raspberry-pi-4-images/ to download the image.
  3. IF not uploaded yet, be patient; it will be soon.
  4. subscribe to Rick Dangerous’ YouTube channel so you can see the image and updates.
  5. Join Rick Dangerous’ Discord: https://discord.gg/mEXFv7yhhW

It is nothing short of exceptional for those who do not know about Rick’s work. He has taken years to craft this image to his liking. He has hand-picked each system and each game. There are no throwaway games in this image. Each game is rated, tested, and intentionally added. The box art, snaps, descriptions, genre, and player information have had hours of detail. 

Here is a sneak peek video of what to expect!

60+ systems and over 8,400 games!

I also want to share that Rick does not ever charge for all the hard work he puts in and shares. All of the equipment he uses for testing, editing software, and all the time he puts in, is at his expense. If you enjoy his image and appreciate his hard work, feel free to show some support and donate to future builds at: Fundraiser by Richard Udell : Rick Dangerous Support Channel (gofundme.com)

Check out Rick’s Update Guide below to see what he uses for a RetroPi setup and also for some helpful tips on configuration and commands. 

Insanium Edition Guide Book (Updated)

Happy Gaming!

2 thoughts on “Rick Dangerous – Insanium Edition RetroPi

  1. Sean says:

    Rick’s images are amazing. I am having an issue though, I downloaded the Insanium edition from arcade punks, but the finished download I got is several hundred zip files instead of 1 image file like usual. Can anyone elaborate on how I flash the 700+ zip files? Or did something go wrong while downloading. Thanks!


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