Posting to Discord with Google Auto

Streamlining Discord Notifications with Google Apps Script

Have you ever had trouble streamlining your automatic processes and combining your notifications? Take a look at Google Apps Script! Users may easily expand the functionality of Google apps and automate tedious chores with this robust scripting language based on JavaScript. We’ll examine the fascinating potential of Google Apps Script, including automating workflows and building specialized add-ons. Stay tuned for a step-by-step tutorial on how to utilize Google Apps Script to post your notifications to your preferred Discord channels. With Google Apps Script, get ready to transform your workflow and unleash your inner automation whiz! … Continue readingStreamlining Discord Notifications with Google Apps Script

Secure with reCAPTCHA

Secure Your Sites Subscriber List – reCAPTCHA

It is extremely frustrating to be used by bots … BOTS of all things. Are you kidding me?! Now, I have to fight Artificial Intelligence! Not only is it a nuisance to constantly delete spam emails, but it is incredibly annoying when these emails are sent in large quantities, making it difficult to sort through legitimate emails. While not super technical, you can save yourself a headache and inconvenience through my experience. … Continue readingSecure Your Sites Subscriber List – reCAPTCHA

Huginn Featured

Huginn – Installation and Configuration

Wait, Wait, Wait … it’s not what you think. Okay, IT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU THINK! Internet BOTs automagically pull data from sites, employing your own minions to search for data and bring it back to you in a way you want to see it. Even having these agents perform actions on your behalf. … Continue readingHuginn – Installation and Configuration